The aim of asthma treatment is to get your asthma under control and prevent acute exacerbations. Almost 75% of all hospital admissions for asthma are avoidable. Everyone with asthma should be able to lead a full and unrestricted life - coughing and wheezing are not normal, and these can be avoided. The treatments available, when used correctly, for asthma are effective in most people and should enable you to be free from symptoms.

Good asthma control includes good inhaler technique and avoiding known triggers. With good control you can expect that use of your blue reliever inhaler is minimal and you have almost zero acute exacerbations.

At our Mini-Clinic we offer a private one-to-one asthma review consultation to ensure that your inhaler technique is optimised to ensure that your asthma is well controlled and therefore minimise or even avoid the need for emergency medical treatment.

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