Cholesterol is a lipoprotein which is carried to cells in body via blood. The cholesterol molecule is often poorly absorbed by the gut when we eat food. This means that generally raised cholesterol levels are independent of our dietary intake. However, it is generally thought that a diet rich in saturated fat can increase the likelihood of having raised cholesterol levels.

There are two types of cholesterol; LDL and HDL. LDL, or low density lipoprotein, can be classed as ‘bad’ cholesterol because it can contribute to the formation of ‘atheroma’. Atheroma are fatty plaques that develop in arteries causing either partial or complete occlusion. 

Occluded arteries can lead to Coronary Heart Disease. Where there is partial occlusion this presents its self as angina. Where this is complete occlusion this can result in either a stroke, if the artery is leading to the brain, or as a heart attack, if the artery is leading to the heart.

At our Mini-Clinic we measure the cholesterol levels in your blood and provide an instant report. Our expert healthcare staff will then assist you in understanding these results and may recommend simple lifestyle changes to help improve your health.

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